How to pay for your weight loss journey.

The cost of Weight Loss

The sad reality is that many weight loss programs are expensive and gimmicky.  You sign up for a trial and find yourself with costly monthly withdrawals for a weight loss program you no longer want to participate in.  And canceling them can be like navigating shark-infested waters. 

So what are our fees?

The initial consult with one of our staff is free, we get to know you a bit and you get to learn a little about us.  If you fit our program standards and your interested in the program we will schedule a consult with on of our physicians.  The physicians consult is a non-refundable fee of $125.  If you choose to sign up the fee is $399 which includes the cost of the doctors visit and then $399 there after for your monthly semaglutide injections.  We are transparent with our fees and what services you receive.  No memberships, no monthly fees, no hidden costs!

Currently, most health insurance companies do not cover weight loss as it is considered  “elective.”  We don’t agree with that, but all we can do is work to help provide a solution that is effective for both your health and your household.

Financing Concerns/Questions

 We do not file insurance, please contact your insurance company to see if they will cover your semaglutide injections so you know what your cost will be and who will cover it.

If you have health coverage from your employer or privately you will need to contact them to see if this is covered.  We strongly encourage you to do this prior to starting on the program so that you will know what your out of pocket costs will be.

Please contact your Military Treatment Facility or Tricare Network provider to discuss.

Medicare does not cover medications for weight loss.  If you have additional coverage please consult with your insurance representative.

The VA is one of the few coverages that may cover obesity management.  Contact your local VA provider to discuss your options.

Contact your state’s Medicaide office to learn if they cover medications for weight loss.


Obesity in America

Roughly two out of three US adults are overweight or obese translating to 70% of American adults!  While obesity rates have stayed steady since 2003, they have more than doubled since 1980.  The US has highest amount of obese adults of all the high-income earning countries in the world.  Obesity also takes a heavier toll on some US ethnic and racial groups according to an article published by Harvard School of Public Health.

Obesity is a worldwide problem reaching countries rich and poor alike, it doesn’t discriminate.  

A part of our mission at Summit Peak Medical is to be a part of the solution!